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Design Process

About Alyson Agemy, graphic and web designer. Working with spirited individuals, small businesses, and nonprofits.


design process

Design Process

  1. Discovery & Pre-Work

    ∙ Client reaches out for potential project with details, budget, and desired timeline.
    ∙ We schedule 30-minute discovery call to answer any questions about the project or process.
    ∙ After consultation, I email proposal (with final price estimate & timeline) and contract.
    ∙ Contract is signed, first payment is made (Square).
    ∙ Client shares completed inspiration board (on a Pinterest board or similar). Then I will invite you to the project Trello board via email.
    ∙ Client attaches all project files to Trello via their file sharing platform of choice.

  2. Design

    ∙ I begin design work following the proposal timeline.
    ∙ Two (2) revisions are included in the project scope. (For web projects, revision limits begin after initial wireframe is finalized. For logos, revisions begin after initial concept is chosen from 2 or 3 options.)
    ∙ Drafts will be posted on the Trello board & client will provide feedback.

  3. Finalize Project

    ∙ Final project preview is sent to client (either water- marked art or website preview).
    ∙ Final payment is due.

  4. File Handoff

    ∙ Final files are sent to client, or website is scheduled to launch.
    ∙ For websites, I walk client through final steps (assigning domain name, linking social media accounts, etc.)
    ∙ Client may schedule complimentary walk-through session if website training is needed.
    ∙ I am available for 30 days of tech assistance as a website administrator if needed, and we can negotiate a web maintenance retainer if desired.

Other Details to Know


For drafts and feedback, we will communicate through email and Trello, a free project management site.


Payment is split 50/50. Half is due with contract signing to secure time in my calendar, and the remaining is due in order to receive the finished product.