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3 Reasons Why I Use a Project Management Tool with my Design Clients


Have you ever worked with a team on a big project, communicating through email and passed-around sticky notes, and constantly needed to dig through your email inbox for buried attachments or lost feedback that you forgot to “mark unread”? Have you worked through the night to make up for a deadline someone on your team missed by accident?

Yeah, that stuff is not fun. But it’s 100% avoidable with the help of a project management tool. There are many out there - I happen to use Trello, but they all share the same purpose and basic capabilities.

Project Management-01.png

I use a project management tool with all of my design clients, and it has been a complete game changer in terms of communication, efficiency, and organization. Here are three of the biggest reasons why I do this for every client project:

1. Focus

You can create a private board that serves as a designated headquarters for each client project. I build a new, private Trello board for each of my clients. This means that when I enter the board to work on that particular project, I’m 100% focused on that client. There’s no chance that those tasks get mixed up with other boards, like they might in your email inbox, and it’s just an amazing tool for compartmentalizing simultaneous projects.

2. Ease of communication

Because we have our own headquarters for projects, communication between myself and the client is simplified. There’s no rooting through messy email chains to find feedback, no more “work about work”, no more “did I send that attachment?”. Everything is laid out visually, in a literal dashboard of our work together. You can even upload links and attachments directly to the board, which makes client feedback and offboarding a breeze.

3. Projects stay on track

Because you can assign tasks to individual people, and schedule due dates for them on the board, there’s no room for confusion on who needs what from who, and by when. It takes all the guesswork out of collaboration and leaves room for the actual work.


I could go on about the functionality of Trello. I even use it for backend parts of my own business, as well as for personal use. If you want to learn more about my process or get additional resources on project management tools, send me a message.