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About Alyson Agemy, graphic and web designer. Working with spirited individuals, small businesses, and nonprofits.

About Alyson

I'm a graphic & web designer based in Northern Colorado. I think visually & out loud, and I obsess over the challenges of good design. I have a soft spot for creatives and arts/music organizations, and I love collaborating on projects with passionate people. On the side, I perform saxophone professionally, hike in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, grow organic vegetables, and pretend to be a chef.

I’m Alyson - a freelance graphic & web designer currently operating in Denver, Colorado. I’m a self-identified serial entrepreneur and all-around creative who’s obsessed with learning and helping independent businesses shine. My focus is on simplicity, balance, and user experience, and I take great care to make sure my designs are more than just pretty; they have thoughtful function and flow. I think visually & out loud, and I obsess over the challenges of good design, especially for creatives, art/music organizations, and small businesses and entrepreneurs aligned with my values of sustainability and wellness. Natural healer needing a new website? Organic beauty line or CSA looking for a branding facelift? Independent musician who needs help with album design? Yep, I’m your person.

I grew up inspired by seeing my dad run his own business, and I’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit since before I could pronounce “entrepreneurial”. After gaining experience as a Marketing Coordinator and in-house designer for almost two years post-graduate school, I finally launched this design studio to take ownership of my career path. When I’m not designing websites or graphics, I’m also a working musician, illustrator, pretend chef, hiking enthusiast, and organic gardener.